A Few Short words from Our CEO

Thank you for visiting ithingshop.com, where you will find thousands of products at incredible wholesale prices. A quick look at our site will unveil our wide range of first choice products, whether it’s electronics, DIY RoBots Kits, or specialist electronic equipment, but who is this ithingshop?

Our history

Ithingshop.com is an international leader in the sale of the best consumer products. From that moment we founded ithingshop, our vision was to give people around the world a greater ability to buy online.

How We Do It? Whoever you are and wherever you are, ithingshop offers you the same price for everyone: the lowest possible. Whether you're a wholesaler looking to increase your income, a retailer who refuses to pay high prices in your country, or a customer looking to purchase the latest products, ithingshop.com provides ultra-fast service and wholesale prices. . We buy directly from an ever-growing network of wholesale manufacturers around the world so that we can minimize costs while maintaining the highest standards.

We have customers in more than 200 countries and this is increasing. But our vision will not change: One world, One price.

Our Team Member As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for technology and providing excellent service for our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to sales and services.


J. St-John

Web Designer


M. Richard



E. R.

Web Developer


M. Denis-Mccarragher.




Executive assistant


Rick E.

Customer Service

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