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With the development of new electronic technologies and their integration with older, traditional building technologies, smart home is at last becoming a real possibility.


Even though smart home is not a new term for science society but it’s still far more away from people’s vision and audition. Because recently various work is done with the design and general overview of the possible remote access approaches for controlling devices, or in cases of simulating the smart home itself. The design and implementation of an off-the-shelf Smart Home remote control application has been limited to simply the computer applications and just in cases mobile and web applications development. The «smart home» technology is one realization of home automation ideals using a specific set of technologies.

The smart house gets two parallel power sources. As a result, it makes smart house more reliable and less power consumable nowadays. The conversion of solar light to electricity is known by PV conversion. Position of a PV panel and sensors output are processed by the help of microprocessor code.

Coded signals are sent through the home’s wiring to switches and outlets that are programmed to operate appliances and electronic devices in every part of the home. A smart home appears «intelligent» because its computer systems can monitor many aspects of daily living. As the number of controllable appliances in the home rises, the ability of these devices to interconnect and communicate with each other digitally becomes a useful and desirable feature. The consolidation of control or monitoring signals from appliances, fittings or basic services is an aim of home automation.

Smart home technology can interface basically using computer interface of everything.

Existing Technologies

It uses radio wave to provide high speed internet for a three-bedroom wall block radio waves. That is why to achieve connection for many square kilometers it uses multiple overlapping access point . By using multiple overlapping access point users can easily control a system based on big area . Omni directional radio wave can travel through walls or nonmetal barrier.

Bluetooth technology is the best and widely used wireless technology for that special character. Short range radio transmitter is built for Bluetooth communication. The new base in home automation is an android smart phone. Home automation equipment recently use existing home Wi-Fi networks.

However, very soon there will be some gadgets like Google glass. It will connect via Bluetooth or connect to Wi-Fi to a smart phone device and plays Google Glass applications. There is another project is coming in the Home Automation department is named ivee, which looks like an alarm clock. This alarm clock can talk with the operator, it can take order, and it can control some home appliance.

As example, if anyone asks about the weather to ivee and if ivee relates to Wi-Fi then it can tell and show you the total forecast.


Secondly with Bluetooth technology which must be installed for controlling the system with the aid of portable android devices. Lastly, we need a sun tracking solar system which will do the job of an individual power supply system . The following image shows the design of the planned design on first two objectives.

Figure 1 Basic design of the proposed system

A relay switch is used to send control signals from the micro-controller to the electronic device used to achieve the switching on and off action. Input device to control home appliances and output device to read the physical condition’s value. In mobile application same procedure, it followed to be an input and output device. A new feature is combined with national grid that is the smart sun tracking system.

In each panel of the solar system 4 LDRs are used. The more the number of panel the more power will be supplied, it depends on the amount of power needed for a specific house. These LDRs task is to help with the detection of the sun’s direction and move the solar panel according to that. There is another way to increase its efficiency by setting a time which will automatically clean the dust on the panel at a regular interval of time.

By using Arduino board sun tracking solar panel can be controlled. Solar panel is connecting through charge controller to battery. An inverter is used for the AC devices.

Figure 2: The preliminary design of the sun tracking solar panel system

An application is developed for the system using the Android and Arduino Ethernet based micro web server. Arduino micro-controller is responsible for hosting the micro web server and it activates the action that needs to be carried out . With the help of the home application smart home environment can be controlled and monitored from a remote location. The home application will communicate with the micro web-server through the internet .

Internet connection like Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network can be used on the user device.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of the system can be discussed in few different ways . Its mandatory for the system to have an authentication process to enter the smart home system, to avoid any kind of unauthorized access. Even we can add reminder into the app which will remind us about when to activate a certain home appliance, also set a timer for that specific device . The system is run by using browsing website and mobile application, which will control the home appliances through wi-fi/cellular data technology.

Besides, we can view and check the security system by using wi-fi.

Figure 3 & 4: Screenshot of the app and web control system respectively

Sun tracking solar system gives us a huge advantage of using individual power supply rather than national power grid system.

Discussion & Limitations

The purpose to design the overall system is to run and control all the home appliances by environmental monitoring system with the help of sensors. The user can control those appliances from all over the world through a dedicated website. The main purpose of this project is to design a sun tracking solar panel system, which in practical is a success . During the shedding time, people usually depends on IPS, which is also depended upon National Power Grid System.

However, with this in hand, the overall dependency will fall drastically and as it is more efficient, reliability for the user will be much higher than the traditional solar panel. This can be a great way to reach the solar renewable energy system for the users.


In this time of computers, advanced mobile home innovation organization need to be turned inescapable. It’s an advanced mobile innovation organization that provides us an alternative level for existing standard . We would completely be dependent in an arrangement where the place will fully be programmed. We need aid utilizing the sun following engineering organization thereabouts we could get the most effectiveness from claiming sun powered force.

Security is a secret key or biometrically ensured also sensing capability provides for this home quality on protecting itself. There will be no energy disappointment along these lines that framework might worth of effort under at whatever circumstance alternately whatever crisis state.






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